Serato Scratch Live
Wallpaper & Desktop Pic Archive
Every so often on the Serato Scratch Live Forum, the question comes up where can Digital DJ's find cool Desktop Pics and wallpaper for the gig computers so you can show love for the BEST DJ digital vinyl emulation application. These desktop pics and wallpaper images were often posted on Sharing sites where they would "go away" after a while if nobody downloaded them. As a courtesy to SSL users, I decided to host them in one convenient place for download. Most of these are in JPG format and can be used for both Macs (Macbook or MacBook Pro) and/or Windows Computers.

Please Note: Previews are links to full size images, they may take time to load completely.
Click the Image to open in new Window, Right Click, Save.

Disclaimer: These are NOT my images or designs, I didn't design them, I am just hosting them in one convenient place on my website as a connivance to Serato Scratch Live Users and Interested parties. All images and designs are copyright of their respective designers or owners of the respective products. If you want a credit for your design (with link) or a image removed .

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