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What can I say About Me?

I have been spinning Records since 1982, and joined a DJ crew in the mid 80’s called Deep Space (Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Eddie Fowkles, & Keith Martin) In my college days, I somehow indirectly connected my next door neighbor, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May to kinda help start the whole Detroit Techno era. Years later, I worked as Promotion Director for Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label in the late 80’s and helped the whole Detroit Techno scene spread throughout the US.

Although I’m a Househead for life, in the Mid 90’s House and Techno lost its Soul and I developed an appreciation for Rap and Hip Hop during the “Golden Age” so I feel somewhat comfortable in both worlds. I went on to do Indie Record Promotion for a few Record Labels including the infamous Luke Records and the 2Live Crew (Midwest Street rep). I was also an Asst. Director of Midwestern Dance Assn DJ Record Pool in the late 90’s handling Urban Music.

In the late 90’s/early 2k – the bottom fell out of the Music Industry so my passion shifted to my other interest Apple Computers and Mac where I worked locally as a Apple Retail Rep and was a member of several Macintosh User Groups.

Around 2007, I started DJing digitally with Serato Scratch Live and it has renewed my interest in the whole concept of DJing again. Detroit is saturated with House Music DJs (more DJs than venues) and many of the mainstream DJs in Detroit have given up on the Art of Beatmixing and Programming. I still like to beatmix mainstream Rap and R&B like House Music. I currently spin on occasion at Firewater II (New Center Area), Club Topaze (West Side), Club Introvest (West Side) and Club Waterfalls (Downtown) in addition to other spots out and about. Hopefully one day, I will get back in the House Music scene soon and do some things with our House Music Promotion group – Strictly House Detroit…..

I also just started mixing and DJing with Music Videos and I am still looking for the right venue that will support, adapt, and promote this new exciting Entertainment concept.

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