Serato Wallpaper

After a post on the Serato Scratch Live Forum had a number of complaints about broken links to some very cool Serato Desktop pictures that could be used as Wallpaper or a Desktop Picture on your DJ Computer, I decided to host a few here on my website years ago.

I threw together a quick webpage with all the various Serato Scratch Live Desktop Pictures and Wallpapers that I had collected over the years.

Check it out here.ssl wallpaper 22

Also since Serato has expanded its Software and Hardware to include Serato ITCH and Serato VIDEO, I recently added a few Serato ITCH and Serato VIDEO Desktop Pics and Wallpaper.

Also check out the OFFICIAL Serato Wallpaper from their Serato Icon Series on the Serato Website.

Click here to check them out…

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