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Apple’s Mobile Me & .Mac discontinued for iCloud

Apple is discontinuing Mobile Me and wants users to upgrade to Apple iCloud but there are a few Apps that I can’t live without yet and I guess they will not work if I upgrade my current Mac to 10.7 Lion (or Mountain Lion even…).

My only iDevice of the moment, my iPhone would be nice on iCloud but I don’t really listen to music on my phone (other than i heart radio) so I guess I’ll be ok.

One problem is all my old Dot Mac Websites will go away (some need to). I guess over the next few weeks I’ll try and save them and redo them by hand and move them here on this website.

I guess while I am at it, I may as well clean up the blog and freshen up a few of the other static pages of mines out there on the Internet.

Yep, that is the plan … Really this time…

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