New iPhone dilemma? 4S vs 5

Apple released the new iPhone 5 and I need to make a decision if I want to make a big pricy hop of $199 to the new iPhone 5 or go for the proven inexpensive iPhone 4S for $99 (or less).

Apple rolled out the new mobile Operating System for iPhone iOS which runs on both phones so the new OS shouldn’t influence my decision much (early reports say Apple Maps is horrible and Apple Passbook is a mystery as to how it actually works).

I guess I’ll have to study the Compare some more and see how the iPhone 5 and 4S stack up against my iPhone 4. I’ll also try and hit the Apple Retail Store sometime this week and try and do a “hands on” and see what I’ll miss if I don’t go with the iPhone 5.

In the upcoming days/weeks I’ll also post little snippets of information here that I run across on the web to help me make my decision.

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